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Hi I am a Visual Development Artist =D


Jun 27, 2016
:iconporiporipooo:poriporipooo has changed their username (formerly ChenwenHwang)
Hi there,
Today I have found a link I find it very hearful, deeply agree with, and I just want to share this link to everyone out there who has suffered from manipulators. 
Some of you may not even know you have been manipulated, like when I was about 16~20, after everything, I've become much stronger and I see people with bad intentions right away. Do not let yourself suffer alone in the dark shadow, try to ask help around you(not the ones who are taking advantages of you of course) but the ones who would actually listen to your pains and cry and tell you to leave the people who are manipulating you. If anyone who seriously is making you feel negative everyday, or everytime you talk to them, just leave them, you don't deserve to suffer. You need to live healthy, with people who actually supports you, not make you emotionally complicated and feel like you are being used but you cannot leave them. You don't need them in your life, you deserve much better. You deserve to be treated like a human, with kindness and happiness. And the chart below should support you to let you tell whom in your life could be a manipulator, though you may know already in your heart, but your mind cannot see clear yet. And this, will support you to see the whole situation even more clear, and help you stand up again against those people who tries to manipulate you in many ways.

Hope this helps the teenagers, or anyone, if you have not gotten out of manipulator's web yet.. be strong, my friends!

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Hello watchers, this is Chenwen!

Thank you for all these years of watching and support, you may noticed I have changed my folders and stored lots of my artworks in DA storage. (I believed I did that because of stress from heavy work load in Art Center, haha) But now I'm finally graduating from Art Center! Graduation is approaching and so far my projects are somewhat prepared(yes, somewhat..!) I have more time and mind to focus on my social media now, which means more time on DeviantART posting! I cannot promise any constant upload for my Yullen and Arekan Doujinshi, but I am sure I will finish it, and I'll make sure to finish it, to let it have an ending. 

Mang, just a chit chat, don't you wish DevinatART can let you decorate the interface of your userpage? The green color is making me feel traumatized from the past. (Another reason I don't really like to use DeviantART anymore. BUT, I'll conquer the fear, yeah, I will :)!!! Ok DA needs to let us have an option to change the whole user-interface lol or I'm just thinking to move all of my artwork uploads toward my Facebook page :/ I can't deal with this traumaaaa

Ok, actually it may be a good idea for me to move all my artwork uploads to Facebook, how do you guys think? : )
My Facebook page is
But I think for my Yullen/ Arekan doujinshi, I am gonna make another facebook page for it. The current one I have now is for professional use, not for chitchats haha.

Recently I got back to Twitter, too! I am kinda addicted to it atm, I really like the user interface on there, it is cheerful.
My Twitter is ChenwenHwang if you guys would like to follow me on there too!

But really, thank you guys whoever is still watching me on here and following my artworks, I really appreciate it. Really really appreciate it.

Thank you.

P.S. I have unstored many of my artworks plus two manga I did in 2010, it is in Traditional Chinese tho. I'll edit a full-English version on my upcoming new manga facebook page just for you guys, thanks!


Chenwen Hwang
2015/3/2015 2:13AM PST
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Dec 3, 2015
:iconporiporipooo:poriporipooo has changed their username (formerly ShoShoArt)
Yullen Doujin - Page 13 by poriporipooo
Yullen Doujin - Page 13
Yullen Doujin - Page 13

hi everyone~ long time no see Yullen doujin right? haha it's been 5 years lol (what?? 5 years??? 2010!??! Yeah I can't believe it either)
But I'm feeling better now, somehow I can draw manga again... I probably had a long depression before, but I feel better now. I'll do my best to continue it, but I have my graduation coming up. I will definitely have time after graduation, I hope. (It's probably time for a real work now)

2010 - 2015 Copyright (c) Chenwen Hwang

Page 12: Page14: Working on it atm

Yullen Doujin - Anata :…


Yullen Doujinshi 2010 - 2015 Copyright (C) Chenwen Hwang
Allen Walker & Kanda Yu (C) D. Gray-Man, Hoshino Katsura


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